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Slate Vents

We have vents to suit both natural and fibre cement slates and different slate sizes :

  • Klober Uni-Line Slate Vent (with removable adaptor)
  • Ventratech Slate Vent
  • G5 Hooded Slate Vent
  • VS-10 Hooded Slate Vent
  • Home Builder Slate Vent

All vents have an adaptor to suit if required. (the Uni-line vent comes with a build in adaptor)

Tile Vents

We have hooded and in-line vents to suit concrete and clay tiles :

  • G5 Universal Tile Vent
  • Marley Major / M Profile Vent
  • Marley Wessex Vent
  • Marley 15×9 Slate Vent
  • Marley Mendip / Double Pan Vent
  • Marley Anglia / Single Pan Vent
  • 10×6 Clay Tile Vent
  • Redland 50 / Double Roman Vent
  • Spanish Roll Vent
  • Flat Tile Vent

All vents have adaptors to suit if required

Fascia Vents

Fascia Vents provide a continuous ventilation along the eaves. The 10mm vent is suitable for conventional cold roofs and the 25mm vent is suitable for warm roofs, flat roofs and for roof pitches below 15ยบ.

Eaves Carry Tray

A simple and effective product to prevent the exposure of the roofing underlay at the eaves, which leads to long term degradation of the underlay.

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