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Self Builders

A roof is not just a roof, when done correctly it can enhance and add value to your property. Not all roofs are equal, as most self-builders soon find out. All our products are suited to the Irish climate, and our suppliers are market leaders in their field. Our products are covered by guarantees.

We can help you decide on what will look well on your roof. We can also provide all your roofing accessories. Send us your plans and we can quantify your drawings. To add to all this we can supply you with a list of roofing contractors who can be depended on to complete the job for you. We deliver to all parts of the country, so no matter where you are building; Blue Bangor Slate Company can offer help and technical assistance when required.

As Ireland’s leading specialist supplier of Slates and Tiles both new and reclaimed, we have a commitment to provide quality goods and a first class service to our customers.


Our slate is drawn from the finest quarries in Europe, and meets the most rigorous European CE standards and the French NF standard. Available in a wide variety of colours, textures and sizes, they are ideal in virtually any application where quality, durability and aesthetic appeal are important issues.

Our clay tiles provide the benefits of a natural clay roof at affordable prices. Natural materials are growing in popularity but the benefits usually come at a price. The traditional quarried slates, is labor intensive and costly. Our clay tile range provides us with a very versatile natural material that can be easily installed and highly durable.

As an architect, using these remarkable materials, to best advantage is high-quality material there are opportunities and challenges regarding natural slate that are best optimized by understanding – before the project is underway is equally important.


Builders, Roofers and Developers

When you are choosing a new or reclaimed roof there are a few things to remember.
  • Make sure there is enough stock. You need to have all the necessary materials at a moment’s notice.
  • Check your prices, so that you know you are getting the best value at the time.
  • Make sure you have all the support you need both on site and off.
  • Have solid product guarantees.

We have our own fleet of vehicles for prompt deliveries.

When choosing Blue Bangor Slate Company as your supplier, you have no need to worry. Our promise is to provide, Quality, Support, Reliability and Customer satisfaction.

So whatever you need and when you need us we are there.


Old slates have been re-used for generations in the Conservation of historic buildings. In recent years demand increased as more buildings are being LISTED.

Demand for reclaimed slates and tiles is driven by Building Legislation, consumer demand and the fact that many churches, courthouses, railway stations and great houses are well over 100 years old and their roofs require upgrading. The easy way out and the cheapest solution is to put on Fibre-cement slates or concrete tiles but you are unlikely to get past your local planning authority. Planners are ensuring that homeowners protect our built HERITAGE for future generations.

A re-roof with shining new fire-cement slates, adjacent to other buildings with old Blue Bangor slates is incongruous and not acceptable. Equally a large new concrete tile, beside a weather beaten Marley Ludlow Plus tile, on an extension of a 1960’s house looks cheap and reduces the value of the property.

Roofing contractors and customers work closely with us prior to undertaking a re-roof. We will advise on the reclaimed materials available including budget cost of supply.  This enables us to have materials available on time, prevent time wasting and ensures that re-roofs match the original and comply with planning regulations.


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