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There are some things in an architect’s life which simply must be done and one of them is writing specifications. But why have specifications anyway? What is it about a specification which makes it a necessity? There is a very good reason – Drawings define quantity and location. Specifications define quality, something clients expect and want in the construction of their buildings. This is where we come in. In relation to roofing we are experts in our field. Whether it be for restoration or a new build, slates or tiles we can offer advice as to what is the best solution to their situation. There are a few pitfalls you can avoid in working with slate, by considering the following:


  1. What color(s) is the original slate, including weathering characteristics?
  2. What is the face dimension size and thickness?
  3. Are the slates single-size, random-width or graduated?
  4. What are the details of the hip, ridge and valley treatments?
  5. What are the details of any specially trimmed slates or color pattern?
  6. Was the original slate installed on a solid roof deck or on battens?
  7. What are the quality expectations regarding the slate delivery and supply, and when, where and how will they be met?
  8. What will be the process for approving a product as “equal”?

New Project

  1. What color(s) will best suit the building’s architecture and its surrounding environment?
  2. What weathering characteristics are most appropriate? (e.g. unfading, semi-weathering or weathering.)
  3. What dimensions and thickness best suit the building?
  4. Is a smooth or textured appearance most appropriate?
  5. Are winds, wind driven rain, hail or severe snow-loading expected?
  6. What are the quality expectations regarding the slate delivery and supply, and when, where and how will they be met?
  7. From what quarry or distributor are this quality, quantity and color of slate available?
Blue Diamond

Our Natural Slate and Roof Tiles

Our slate is drawn from the finest quarries in Europe, and meets the most rigorous European CE standards and the French NF standard. Available in a wide variety of colours, textures and sizes, they are ideal in virtually any application where quality, durability and aesthetic appeal are important issues.

Our clay tiles provide the benefits of a natural clay roof at affordable prices. Natural materials are growing in popularity but the benefits usually come at a price. The traditional quarried slates, is labor intensive and costly. Our clay tile range provides us with a very versatile natural material that can be easily installed and highly durable.

As an architect, using these remarkable materials, to best advantage is ehigh-quality material there are opportunities and challenges regarding natural slate that are best optimized by understanding – before the project is underwayqually important. As with any

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